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Faculty and Staff

Contact Pam Goodman  Pam Goodman Principal
Contact Stephanie Compton  Stephanie Compton Assistant Principal
Contact Al Dekle  Al Dekle Assistant Principal
Office Staff
Contact Catherine Colson  Catherine Colson Secretary
Contact Shelby Conner  Shelby Conner Nurse
Contact Matrella Rich  Matrella Rich Data Clerk
Contact Elizabeth Rigdon  Elizabeth Rigdon Bookkeeper
Contact Carrie Feltman  Carrie Feltman Counselor
Contact Audrey Gray  Audrey Gray Counselor
Contact Nichell Boozer  Nichell Boozer Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Michelle Owen  Michelle Owen Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Diana Browning  Diana Browning Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Brittany Gay  Brittany Gay Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Cindell Mathis  Cindell Mathis Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Nora Quill  Nora Quill Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Katie Sconyers  Katie Sconyers Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Tracey Vickery  Tracey Vickery Kindergarten Teacher
First Grade
Contact Natosha Dawson  Natosha Dawson First Grade Teacher
Contact Lucy Hubbard  Lucy Hubbard First Grade Teacher
Contact Nancy James  Nancy James First Grade Teacher
Contact Kimberly Sands  Kimberly Sands First Grade Teacher
Contact Jill Williams  Jill Williams First Grade Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Jaclyn Brenden  Jaclyn Brenden Second Grade Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Hendrix  Elizabeth Hendrix Second Grade Teacher
Contact Alea Landers  Alea Landers Second Grade Teacher
Contact Faye Beth Reddick  Faye Beth Reddick Second Grade Teacher
Contact Shana Richey  Shana Richey Second Grade Teacher
Contact Sarah Sorel  Sarah Sorel Second Grade Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Miranda Edenfield  Miranda Edenfield Third Grade Teacher
Contact Lisa Fennell  Lisa Fennell Third Grade Teacher
Contact Michael Holsonback  Michael Holsonback Third Grade Teacher
Contact Daisy Lewis  Daisy Lewis Third Grade Teacher
Contact Angela Selph  Angela Selph Third Grade Teacher
Contact Kathryn Waters  Kathryn Waters Third Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Melissa Bazemore  Melissa Bazemore Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Stephanie Brunson  Stephanie Brunson Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Cristin Hice  Cristin Hice Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Latoya Jenkins  Latoya Jenkins Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Katie Johnson  Katie Johnson Fourth Grade Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Kenny Anderson  Kenny Anderson Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Beth Cannon  Beth Cannon Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Tonya Deal  Tonya Deal Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Lacey Rushing  Lacey Rushing Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Julie Williams  Julie Williams Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Valerie Woodrum  Valerie Woodrum Fifth Grade Teacher
Special Education
Contact Wendy Bird  Wendy Bird Resource Teacher
Contact Kaylin Brockman  Kaylin Brockman Self Contained Teacher
Contact Megan Fromme'  Megan Fromme' Self Contained Teacher
Contact Nicki Hill  Nicki Hill Resource Teacher/Coordinator
Contact Ashley Rackleff  Ashley Rackleff Resource Teacher
Intervention Support
Contact Missy Jordan  Missy Jordan Intervention Support Coordinator
Contact Jana Sharp  Jana Sharp Intervention Support Teacher
Contact Mary Sue Smith  Mary Sue Smith Intervention Support Teacher
Contact Donna Grace  Donna Grace Computer Lab Teacher
Contact Scott Green  Scott Green Physical Education Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Ann Harrison  Elizabeth Ann Harrison Art Teacher
Contact Tom Sye  Tom Sye (912) 212-8680 Music Teacher
Contact Tammy Tillman  Tammy Tillman Science Technology Engineering Math Teacher
Other Staff
Contact Jamaal Ahmed  Jamaal Ahmed Technology Liaision
Contact Rachel Brown  Rachel Brown English to Speakers of Other Languages Teacher
Contact Ellen Cowart  Ellen Cowart Gifted Teacher
Contact Dana Mills  Dana Mills Paraprofessional
Contact Alecia Wiggins  Alecia Wiggins Speech Teacher
Contact Nancy Wiggins  Nancy Wiggins Media Specialist
Contact Susan Williams  Susan Williams Occupational Therapist
Contact Suzy Coyle  Suzy Coyle Pre-Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Contact Tousha Kendrick  Tousha Kendrick Pre-Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Contact Judy Barlow  Judy Barlow Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Contact Teresa DiCesare  Teresa DiCesare Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Contact Gwen Gray  Gwen Gray Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Contact Paige Jenkins  Paige Jenkins Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Contact Sierra Phillips  Sierra Phillips Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Contact Lynn Woods  Lynn Woods Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Contact Mandy Broadwell  Mandy Broadwell First Grade Paraprofessional
Contact Jennifer Conner  Jennifer Conner First Grade Paraprofessional
Contact Amy Davis  Amy Davis First Grade Paraprofessional
Contact Laura Doyle  Laura Doyle First Grade Paraprofessional
Contact Krystle White  Krystle White First Grade Paraprofessional
Contact Brandi Bittner  Brandi Bittner Intervention Support Paraprofessional
Contact Cynthia Davis  Cynthia Davis Intervention Support Paraprofessional
Contact Christine Thompson  Christine Thompson Intervention Support Paraprofessional
Contact Alicia Trejo  Alicia Trejo Intervention Support Paraprofessional
Custodial Staff
Contact James Blackmon  James Blackmon Custodian
Contact Louis Clifton  Louis Clifton Custodian
Contact Larry Roberts  Larry Roberts Custodian
Contact Jean Whitlock  Jean Whitlock Head Custodian
Lunchroom Staff
Contact Eddie Brinson  Eddie Brinson Lunchroom Staff
Contact Takesha Collins  Takesha Collins Lunchroom Manager
Contact Yakevia Perkins  Yakevia Perkins Lunchroom Staff
Contact Carolyn Price  Carolyn Price Lunchroom Staff
Contact Constance Smith  Constance Smith Lunchroom Staff
Contact Liz Smith  Liz Smith Lunchroom Staff